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Latest comments

16.02 | 03:29

Hello Mirjam. Thanks for the message. Please email at to talk. Looking forward to hearing from you. ~ Angel

15.02 | 16:55

Hello, do you have place to organise a retreat at Lake Titicaca around mid October? We are with 3 or 5 people. Hope to hear from you.

15.01 | 02:25

Hello Dion, The deposut for each retreat is 50% of the price and can be paid by card or by transfer. The info is on each retreat section. Please email for moer info:

15.01 | 02:21

Gerardo, there kis a link under the registration part which you can click and pay by card. I also ejmailed you. Check email from Angel Amita. Please book directly with me :) Looking forward! Thanks!

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