Healthy, vegan yogic meals!

We offer amazing, healthy, vegan, plant based yogic meals! 🙂

We accomodate:

~ Vegan diet

~ Sattvic, yogic vegan diet

~ Raw Vegan diet

~ Fruitarian Diet

~ Juices & smoothies ~ liquidarian/ pranic diet

All ingredients used are locally sourced and as much as possible organic. They are fresh and colorful!

We offer varied, healthy meals. Peru is rich in various, fresh fruits, vegetables & superfoods.

The food is made with LOVE ❤ by our experienced cooks!

We offer a yogic, sattvic diet for the best of your yogic journey!

We use locally grown produce and ingredients, mostly organic.

Please let us know if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Examples of food served:

Drinks: Fresh juices, smoothies, herbal teas, filtered water, Peruvian purple corn drink,

various homemade plant milks & hot chocolates, and more!

Food: Peruvian quinoa soup, pumpkin soup, other soups, brown rice & curries, lentils, roasted vegetables, beans, vegan burgers, yucca fries, 200 types of Peruvian potatoes, sweet potatoes, inka corn and many other dishes!

A vegan diet is  environmental friendly, ethical, colorful, healthy & tasty!

We offer a variety of  plant based dishes and receive very positive feedback from participants. People who eat meat, also like the dishes. Although if you are not used to vegan diet, you can always buy some other items when we are out on excursions.

Having a vegan diet for a couple of weeks have many advantages. The food is so tasty and good, you won't miss anything. Many people get inspired to continue after they return home!

The kitchen hygiene amongst our staff is high, food offered is clean, and prepared with much love and care.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, raw foodist or omnivore looking for vegan travels, look no further, we are so excited to accomodate you!

Looking forward to sharing with you!

Many blessings!

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16.02 | 03:29

Hello Mirjam. Thanks for the message. Please email at to talk. Looking forward to hearing from you. ~ Angel

15.02 | 16:55

Hello, do you have place to organise a retreat at Lake Titicaca around mid October? We are with 3 or 5 people. Hope to hear from you.

15.01 | 02:25

Hello Dion, The deposut for each retreat is 50% of the price and can be paid by card or by transfer. The info is on each retreat section. Please email for moer info:

15.01 | 02:21

Gerardo, there kis a link under the registration part which you can click and pay by card. I also ejmailed you. Check email from Angel Amita. Please book directly with me :) Looking forward! Thanks!

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