Book burning Library in Alexandria, Egypt

Adama ~

Accurate teachings of true wisdom have been destroyed on this planet. This is why so much new information is pouring in from other dimensions and star systems, as well as from the Earth and her kingdoms in order to assist humanity in finding its way back to Source and Oneness.

Those who destroyed the library of Alexandria in the early time of Christianity played an important role in keeping humanity in ignorance. This library contained well over 400,000 books holding much of the wisdom accumulated over eons of time and kept in sacredness to enlighten humanity. After this beautiful library was burned to the ground, humanity began to experience a “dark age” that lasted for many centuries.

Those who orchestrated the destruction of such a precious collection of spiritual wisdom and knowledge for the planet were very proud and happy with themselves at first. In their thirst for power and control they convinced themselves that they had performed an act of mercy for humanity. They sought to dim the light on the planet by depriving mankind of the very teachings that would show the way to a life of love, grace and the salvation of their souls. The destruction of those precious records created an enormous loss and set the evolution of the planet back. Those responsible for the obliteration of such treasures were instruments of the sinister forces. To this day they are reaping the karma of their actions.

( From Telos Book 2 by Aurelia)

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